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Meet for Coffee

We meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in Parksville,
And on the second and fourth Saturday of each month in Nanaimo
See our Events page for dates and times.

In-Person Information Meetings

We now meet at the Harbourfront branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library See our events page for more information.

Parksville Show and Shine 

MVIEVA will be set up at the Parksville Show and Shine on Saturday July 7th, from 9 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 
We are asking you to join us and show off your EV! See our events page for more details on how to register for this fun event!

Are You A First Time Electric Vehicle Buyer?
Here’s A Primer

"While there’s a lot to learn when making the switch to EVs, you can do it — especially if you have someone to give you helpful hints." Such as you will find at Mid-Island EV Association coffee meetups!

Clean Technica, a U.S. website offers some basic tips here.

As well, there is a video here titled "You bought an electric vehicle, Basic things you should know" This was created by an EV owner in Prince George BC.

EV Charging

An excellent article from Flo charging: EV battery charging best practices: the 20-80 rule for batteries

Fully Charged show Debunks EV Myths!

Fully Charged offers facts to many myths about Electric Vehicles

Nanaimo Regional District Webinar

The RDN, along with Emotive BC held this webinar on EV 101
A great tool for learning about charging, rebates and EV's
Held on November 16, 2023

Do you have "range anxiety?"

Edmunds.com did real world testing to find out which EVs have the longest range. (Note the figures shown are in miles, not kilometers)

Fully Charged Live!

On the weekend of September 8th to 10th 2023, Fully Charged Live Canada was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Three days of excellent speakers, and plenty to see and do. Below are some photos from the weekend.

It seems that we are always having to debunk one myth or another these days

There are many negative stories regularly going around about EV's. In our experience, the authors have never driven, let alone owned an EV.

BC Hydro has addressed some of these and others. Clickbelow to learn the "facts" about EV's. We have added a few more articles for your reference. And continue to scroll down for more mythbusting videos and articles
For answers to other questions you may have, please visit our FAQ page

The Truth about EV Battery Life and Charging Best Practice !

This is an excellent video that debunks the many myths about batteries!
A must watch!

What *Really* happens to used Electric Car Batteries? - (you might be surprised)

Don't let the nay sayers tell you that EV batteries are going to poison the landfills of the world! 

Check out our YouTube channel!

You will find a variety of our past meetings, covering many different topics.

Curious about EV's?
Ask an Owner!

Contact us to ask questions about EV ownership. We are an independent association of EV owners, who love to talk about how our electric vehicles give us joy.

Apps, Apps and more Apps!

One of the questions we hear from new EV owners is "what app's should I get?"
There are many apps out there for finding EV charging stations
Click on the link below for a list of some of the apps that we know of

You're Being Lied to About Electric Cars

Science has repeatedly shown EVs are better for humans, despite the meme you just retweeted.
Motortrend magazine has published an excellent article on the myths of EV's pushed by the trolls of the world.

EV Fires

A large U.S. auto insurer looked into whether electric vehicles are more prone to fires than gasoline vehicles. The link below can shed some light on this topic. The data that they use is from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
The illustration on the left shows the fires per 100,000 vehicle sales in 2022.

only 25.1 EV Fires per 100k sales
1,529 Gas car fires per 100k sales
3,474 Hybrid car fires per 100k sales

"...electric vehicles are still safer than their gas engine counterparts. Tesla claims gasoline-powered cars are 11 times more likely to catch fire.” Ross Sparks - Editor-in-Chief at TheSolarAdvantage.net.

Gasoline versus electric cars? Here’s how their life cycle emissions compare in Canada

The overwhelming climate damage from Canadian cars comes from burning the gasoline to move them around. Over the full life cycle of Canadian gasoline cars and electric cars, the 70 tonnes of CO2 from burning gasoline absolutely crushes everything else.

This indepth article by Barry Saxifrage of Canada's National Observer shows the life cycle differences between gas and electric vehicles.

EV's are too expensive!

This is a common refrain that we regularly hear. When someone is going to the car lot to buy a new car, and  compare the sticker price of an ICE vehicle with an EV, they say hold on a minute!
What the sticker price does not show, is the long term costs associated with ownership. When taking  this into consideration, then EV is the way to go. The best comparison that we have found is the Hyundai Kona, which has both and EV and ICE version.
Clean Energy Canada did a cost of ownership comparison in the spring of 2022. Click here to read this article:

We are pleased to announce...

Mid-Vancouver Island Electric Vehicle Association has been given full voting member status in the Global Electric Vehicle Alliance. We meet monthly with EV advocates from around the world, to discuss the intricacies of EV adoption.
With this, we are able to represent our members in a powerful, international organization. To check out their website, click on their logo.

Additional Funding to MVIEVA provided by Emotive BC:

MVIEVA is proud to be a voting member of the Global EV Alliance.

MVIEVA is an affilliate member of Electric Vehicle Society of Canada

Victoria EV Club

Vancouver EV Association

Comox EV Association

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