Radio Interview

On Tuesday March 29th, 2022 MVIVA President, Barbara MacLellan, and Vice President, Larry Boldt were interviewed by Don Giberson of Transition Nanaimo, and host of Climate 911 on CHLY 101.7 FM
The discussion was about society moving to electric vehicle adoption.

Why do we pay by the minute when charging?

This is a question we have been asking. One of our members wrote to the federal Minister of Inovation, Science and Industry concerning the charging methods available to electric vehicle (EV) owners. This was passed on to the President of Measurement Canada.

What does it look like beneath the body of a Tesla Model 3?

All EV Canada is a used EV dealer in Halifax NS. They have taken a Tesla Model 3, and stripped it down, to show the motor, battery etc. Check it out!

Electric Autonomy Canada Webinar Series

Electric Autonomy Canada held an excellent series of webinars that answers many questions. The panelists are from all across the country, and from various industries, such as EV manufacturers, BC Hydro, charge station manufacturers, and more. Each episode of the series is one hour long and the links to watch them are below.

Fixing EV's Biggest Problem

We often hear EV naysayers complain about the mining of the materials, etc. Also, they don't want all of the EV batteries to end up in the landfill.
We learn from this video, that the worlds largest Lithium mine could be in the junk drawers of everyone's home. and that long term recycling will be more efficient than mining.
Currently there is a recycling plant in Ontario. Li-Cycle, and another large plant being built in Quebec. As well as the ones featured in this video.

In addition, we are seeing small to very large uses of used EV batteries for solar energy storage. Click the link below to read an article that outlines a major one in California, using 1,300 used EV batteries!

Followup from our letters to Mayor and MLA's

On Friday February 18th 2022. our board members met with MLA's Sheila Malcomson, and Adam Walker, as well as two Ministry of Transportation staff, Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog, and the Nanaimo Director of Engineering to discuss signage for locating EV charge stations. First, to exit the provincial highways, followed by city signage to direct visitors to our beautiful harbour city, to find stations.
We felt that this was a very productive meeting. And we have offered to be of service if and when they require feedback

Are you a "Gearhead" who prefers the classic cars over modern styling?

Check out this article in the April 27/22 Tyee. A BC online magazine. This is about a local company canEV in Errignton, who converts gas cars to electric

Planning a Road Trip?

As we are seeing some travel restrictions easing, you may be considering driving across our beautiful country in your EV. What better way to learn about doing this, than from an experienced member who kept a blog as they drove from Nanaimo BC, to the Haliburton region of Ontario, during the summer of 2021. The link below takes you to her website, and the first of 9 blog posts. To read them all, you will need to stay on her site. 
Happy Travels!

New British Columbia 2030 Climate Plan has most aggressive interim ZEV sales targets in North America

The last week of October, the BC government unveiled an array of meausure to accelerate carbon emissions cuts - including action on cars, trucks, fure standards and new rebate for EV chargers

New study shows Canadians can travel 5x further in an EV than a gas car for the same fuel cost

"A 33-country study tallies up the difference in “fuelling” costs between electric vehicles and internal combustion engines with some encouraging findings if you aren’t filling up at the pump" 
An article from Electric Autonomy website

Island EV

How Much Money Could You Save by Driving Electric?

"Have you been considering making the switch to an electric vehicle? Not sure how much money you could save by using electricity for fuel? The average driver in the U.S. will save over $700 each year by driving an electric car and charging mostly at home. I know I’ve saved thousands of dollars on fuel since going electric."

This article was published in October 2017, so keep in mind that these numbers may not apply today

Calling on BC Political Parties to Support Electric Vehicle Adoption

Emotive Community Outreach Incentive Program

2020/21: Funding up to $10,000 for electric vehicle outreach projects.

Emotive is an outreach and awareness campaign that encourages the accelerated adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in B.C. Emotive acts as a collaborative campaign with many implementation partners interested in EV education and outreach in communities across the province.

Read the full article...

The Electric Vehicle Revolution is Here

We've come a long way since the past 10 years when the very first commercially available electric vehicles came onto the market. Remember the first generations Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt? Tesla was producing its first-generation Roadster in limited quantities.

Electric car deployment has been growing rapidly over the past ten years, with the global stock of electric passenger cars passing 5 million in 2018, an increase of 63% from the previous year. Around 45% of electric cars on the road in 2018 were in China – a total of 2.3 million – compared to 39% in 2017. In comparison, Europe accounted for 24% of the global fleet, and the United States 22%.

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